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Portable Camping Lamp with Hook / Waterproof

Portable Camping Lamp with Hook / Waterproof

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Item Type: Portable Lanterns
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Battery Type: Lithium Metal
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Usage: Camping Hiking Fishing BBQ
Model Number: LED Camping Lamp
Features: Super Bright and Warm Light
Battery capacity: built-in lithium battery 600 mAh
Colour: Black
Charging method: Type C fast charging
Gear: strong light, medium light, low light
Charging time: 4 hours
Light source: yellow filament
Product size: 175x62x62mm/6.89x2.44x2.44inch
Endurance: 4h-8h
Carton size: 178x62x62mm/7.01x2.44x2.44inch
Waterproof grade: life waterproof
Net weight: 55.1g
Material: ABS+PC
Weight: 94g
Function: Camping light, portable light
Accessories: Type-C charging cable


LED Camping Lamp with Hook Portable Camping Light 600mAh Mini Hook Emergency Light Type C Charging Waterproof for Hiking Fishing

1. Add Ambiance to Outdoor: Enhance your outdoor experience with this LED camping lamp. It features a durable and lightweight design, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The lamp can withstand accidental drops, ensuring long-lasting performance.
2. Convenient Hanging Options: With a built-in hanging hook and portable handle, this outdoor tent lamp offers versatile hanging options. You can easily carry it with the handle or hang it from a tent or tree branch to provide illumination wherever you need it.
3. High-Brightness Illumination: The high-brightness LED core of this hanging flashlight provides a warm and soft light that illuminates the entire campsite. Enjoy a cozy and inviting atmosphere during your camping adventures. The lamp offers a wide beam angle, providing ample coverage.
4. Multiple Lighting Modes: Switch between different lighting modes to suit various environments. Whether you need bright light for outdoor activities or a softer glow for relaxed evenings, this camping lantern allows you to adjust the brightness according to your preference.
5. Long-Lasting Battery Life: The portable camping light comes with a built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery, ensuring extended illumination time. It can be conveniently charged using the visible Type-C fast charging interface, allowing for quick and efficient recharging even in challenging weather conditions. The lamp will be your reliable companion throughout your outdoor adventures.



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